Hungarian Evangelical Fellowship
Handicraft workshop
Address: 1086 Budapest, Dankó u. 11-15.
Program manager: Szilvia Granasztói artist teacher
Phone: (06 30) 267 0176

Craft and art classes have been held in our Society for rehabilitation purposes since 1998. The networking, capacity building, activating, healing and therapeutic effects of these activities are enormous, and they greatly contribute to shaking up the homeless people from a lifestyle that lasts for months – or even years -, re-introducing them to the joy and benefits of working. For the time being, we use the finished items to raise donations, for example during the Christmas market, and we also try to sell them later, so that part of the income goes to the creators. Our other goal is to find talent. Our greatest success in the past two years was that at the exhibition in Strasbourg called “Europe is ours too! Let’s build bridges for Europe! ” our clients have won the Bronze Star award.

The Artists’ Circle and the Crafts Sessions are led by Szilvia Granasztói, an art teacher (college teacher) on a weekly basis, assisted by Judit Bekő (a college graduate) painter, Mariann Mészáros, a ceramist, and many contributor folk artists and craftsmen who hold exhibitory sessions.