Maintainer: Oltalom Charity Society 
Name of institution: Temporary Hostel for Men 
Leader of Institution: Viktória Kürthy
Address: 1086 Budapest, Dankó u. 9. 
Phone: (06-1) 210-5400/ extensions 258, 117
Number of beds: 20

The Temporary Hostel for Men opened in October 1996 to provide temporary accommodation for self-sufficient adult males without a home. It provides the services necessary for living as well as social and mental hygiene assistance.

Our guests are adults and are either employed or have a good possibility of permanent work. Our primary goal is to develop cooperation with those who desire to change their situation so that they can adapt themselves to society.

The social workers and tenants sign an individualized contract to meet the clients’ goals. In 2004, through foundation and other grants the Society renovated and transformed the space of the former hostel making it possible to serve20 men with the function and services of a traditional temporary hostel. The hostel has four rooms with three beds, two rooms with two beds and one room with four beds with the space and equipment for washing, cleaning, cooking and resting. 

Among the provisions of the Oltalom Society, the Temporary Hostel for Men represents more lasting accommodation and care. This service is for those almost ready to emerge from homelessness into independent living.

Terms and conditions of admission:

  • Apply with the person on duty, admission by the decision of the team

  • Permanent workplace

  • Previous service through the night shelter (it is necessary to get to know the applicant).

As required by law, there is a monthly fee to be paid determined on a case by case basis.  Furthermore saving is obligatory. The amount saved each month depends on the client’s salary, but is at least 5.000 HUF.

Social workers’ team meetings are held every week to evaluate and select applicants for the waiting list and in case of vacancy, into the hostel. The new tenant must have valid proof of NPHMOS – National Public Health and Medical Officer Service – of the day and x-ray screening. After filling out the printed forms required by the hostel the client is invited to occupy their place in the hostel.

At the same time, the roommates are being prepared to receive the new occupant.

The hostel worker takes responsibility to manage the tenant’s affairs, to help their social integration, to settle their individual problems and to assist them to cultivate their relationships. The tenants’ fundamental physical, mental and social needs have to be addressed, but this can be accomplished through the Society’s social and health services. Most importantly, it is necessary to support the integration of the homeless individual, the stability of his employment, and the allocation and saving of his income. 

Since 2001 training sessions to develop the abilities of residents (handicraft activity, mental-hygienic program) have been held. Conversations are led by psychiatrists and chemical dependence experts. These conversations cover the themes of addiction, rehabilitation and the processes necessary to leave the hostel for independent living. The programs aim to improve relationships, solve and treat conflicts.

The professional work of the Temporary Hostel for Men takes place in cooperation with the units of Dankó street 9. The co-workers hold systematic consultations in order to successfully resolve the problems of their guests.