Maintainer: Oltalom Charity Society
Name of institution: Temporary Hostel for Women
Leader of institution: Mrs. Kiss, Erzsébet Erdélyi
Address: 1051 Budapest, József nádor 10.
Phone: (06-1) 266-9047; (06-1)267-0131
Number of beds: 64

The Oltalom Society took on the task of running the Temporary Hostel for Women from the Municipality of Budapest on the 1st of January 2000.
The hostel provides accommodations for single women without a home if they show a willingness to arrange and modify their lives.

Professional work:

  • Attending to the clients ‘affairs

  • Assisting in their social integration

  • Fulfilling the clients’ fundamental physical, mental, and social needs

Administrative support:

  • Job-hunting and placement, contacting employers
  • Searching for further education/training possibilities
  • Obtaining official documents
  • Administration of social security provisions
  • Searching for further social provisions as available
  • Searching for alternative residential possibilities
  • Keeping contact with other social institutions

Primary tasks:

  • Individualized treatment

  • Appraisal, recognition, strengthening and – if necessary – restoration of abilities, for re-socialization

  • Cultivating and – if necessary – restoration of family and social connections

  • Assisting in official matters

  • Organizing communal life within the institution