Maintainer: Oltalom Charity Society
Name of institute: Refugee shelter
Leader of institute: András Rákos
Address: 1086 Budapest, Dankó u. 9.
Phone: (06-1) 210-5400/ extension 201
Number of beds: 25

Oltalom Charity Society –a non-governmental organization involved with refugees – has maintained a hostel with a capacity of 25 persons as a shelter for refugees and asylum seekers since March 2000. Currently the hostel has two rooms with three beds, and three rooms with six beds.

The aim of the organization is to help all asylum seekers in Hungary find new lives and make new homes. In addition to accommodations, we provide assistance to refugees who have been refused asylum and to those with temporary residency permits who cannot leave the country. Moreover we provide to foreigners who – because of limitations in the system – are not authorized for any provision. The hostel performs a supplementary duty since it also accepts those foreigners whom the Office of Immigration and Nationality – in accordance with its regulations – does not regard as authorized for provision of services although they are not able to take care of themselves independently.

For these groups, we create the conditions of a normal way of life: They are supplied with three meals a day, accommodation with bedding, a sanitary pack, and areas for washing. For those who need it, we also provide clean clothes and shoes. Tenants with health problems can seek advice and treatment in our hospital free of charge.  Our services include dentistry, dermatology and medication as necessary.

Social workers offer help in job-hunting, searching for further education/training possibilities and in creating conditions for successful living outside the hostel.

The institute cooperates with the Center of Labor in Budapest, the Hungarian Language School, and the Helsinki Committee that provides legal aid free of charge to our tenants.